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Client: Wanderwatch
Challenge: Continuous connectivity between Wanderwatch and app

The Wanderwatch is the first smartwatch especially designed for children. With the help of games and apps, it aims to stimulate playing outdoors. The gadget also enables the intended user group (not always in possession of a smart phone yet) to send instant messages to their parents, with a special parent app on the parents’ smartphone. The Wanderwatch also makes it possible for parents to track their child digitally. In addition, the watch consists of a panic button that can be pressed by the user for direct contact with the father or mother. The parent can turn the Wanderwatch in a watch-only during school hours with the school mode.

Needless to say, a well-functioning and reliable internet connection is a must. A domain in which Wanderwatch was faced with a challenge. Mondicon’s CCO Jurgen ter Hoeve explains: “With the use of a regular SIM card there is a connection with one specific network that might falter, fall out and may not always have the necessary coverage. These are the last things you want as a parent while trying to track or reach your kid. Naturally connectivity of the smartwatch is equally crucial for the child that wears it.”
Mondicon’s solution
Wanderwatch joined hands with Mondicon. The solution Mondicon brought is a special prepaid SIM card that is integrated in the watch. The card is able to select the best functioning network for each specific location and therefore doesn’t rely on the services of one provider only. Due to this independency, the parent and child can always be connected. The Wanderwatch and its parent application function through credits that are relatively easy to upgrade for parents with their own smartphone. Once credit card details have been processed, fulfilling upgrades is possible at the push of a button. From that point, the Wanderwatch is fit to be played or apped with again

Special co-operation
Thanks to a guaranteed and well-functioning internet connection kids are able to play outdoors with their Wanderwatch and their parents can keep an eye on them at the same time. “The co-operation between Wanderwatch and Mondicon is a special one”, Ter Hoeve states. “Startups like Wanderwatch experience difficulties in finding partners in connectivity that are willing and able to create back-end automation processes like Mondicon delivered for the purpose of Wanderwatch’s upgrading option. Mondicon was involved throughout the development of the product in getting its connectivity on track.”

Ellie Karssemakers, Co-founder at Wanderwatch adds: “Mondicon understood the challenge of our start up Wanderwatch instead of offering us contracts with financial obligations that are way beyond a startup’s reach. Mondicon enables us to offer the best kids watch in the market with the best connectivity solution available.”

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