We strongly believe in cooperation, whether between ourselves, with our employees, our clients, suppliers or partners. This allows us to provide you with an even better service.

Who do we work with?

Our partners

Mondicon cooperates with a number of network partners and suppliers, and through these parties we can currently provide mobile data in 192 countries on 728 different providers. In our worldwide mobile data solutions it is important for our clients to be able to choose their own networks, providers and, if necessary, alternative networks (fallback). With this in mind, we will expand our portfolio of network partners and suppliers in the coming years.

Strategic partners

We cooperate with our strategic partners in order to provide our clients with even more added value such as by thinking of innovative applications or developing new services. We work with experienced partners but also look to cooperate with start-ups. By combining specific knowledge, experience and expertise, we become better at meeting your mobile data needs and wishes.


Resellers also use our solutions in order to provide their clients with flexible mobile data solutions both nationally and internationally. Together we strive to provide these clients with an optimal service as well.

Working with Mondicon?
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