Broadcast access
Mondicon provides complete Internet solutions tailored specifically for broadcasting purposes.

One of the biggest challenges in the broadcasting industry is realizing a high speed Internet connection, wherever you go. The availability of a high speed Internet connection is one of the most important aspects when you need to be able to broadcast video and/or audio wherever, whenever.

Creating a fast and reliable Internet connection wherever you go can be difficult, because it’s hard to know up front which provider will have enough coverage and/or bandwidth available at the location you need to go to.

Broadcast access wherever you go

The ideal solution would be a device that’s able to make a secure connection to the main office and bundle multiple Internet connections into one, providing you with enough bandwidth to have broadcast access on any location.

Mondicon’s Internet hardware provides you with a reliable Internet connection with the possibility of using more than one Internet source at the same time. This way you don’t have to rely on just one connection for all your Internet traffic. This means you’ll have a more reliable and flexible broadcast access. It’s possible to connect to 4G, a WiFi hotspot or even add a satellite or wired modem into the mix.

Mondicon’s SIM-cards always allows you to connect to the Internet wherever you are. You decide in advance which network(s) you want to use per country.
How it works
This assures you of the high-quality connection you need for broadcasting live or uploading material, whilst keeping you in control of quality and costs. With Mondicon broadcast access your data volume is available for all connected SIM-cards and can be used worldwide. With our solution you no longer need to switch SIM-cards or activate them when visiting another country.
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