Smart Yacht
Stream like you're at home!
fast-internet Fast Internet
security-camera Security camera
track-trace Track & Trace
The SmartYacht “Stream like you’re at home” Solution offers you the unique combination of a professional wifi router, and Mondicon SIM cards for super-fast internet on board of your yacht.
SmartYacht SmartYacht SmartYacht

The Smart Yacht Solution

Fast Internet
The SmartYacht “Stream like you're at home” Solution offers you the unique combination of a professional router, the SmartYacht app and a Mondicon SIM card. Together, they give you a fast and stable internet experience Europe-wide, up to 10 miles from the coast. The Mondicon router combines up to 4 SIMs via bonding technology, connecting to all triple-A networks throughout Europe.

Track & Trace
Geo-fencing makes use of a GPS system. If your yacht is equipped with a location-based service (LBS) or a location-aware device and it enters or leaves an area surrounded by a geo-fence, an alert is generated. This alert contains information about the location of the yacht and is sent to a mobile telephone or email address.

Security camera
The SmartYacht camera system allows you to check what’s happening on your boat from home, via real-time vision and monitoring software on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

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