Cruise Connect
Mondicon provides complete Internet solutions tailored specifically for cruise shipping.

One of the biggest challenges in the cruise shipping industry is realizing a fast and reliable on-board Internet connection for the passengers. The availability of stable and fast on-board WiFi is, besides food and drinks, one of the most important factors of the customer experience. Creating a fast and reliable Internet connection on a ship can be difficult because it’s not possible to connect a cable or fiber connection at sea. The easiest solution for this problem is a SIM-card in a 4G/3G Internet modem.

However, this solution comes with its own challenges. The Internet connection will be slow because one SIM-card will not provide enough bandwidth to supply fast Internet to a high amount of users. Besides that, the change of an outage is also very high because you rely on just one Internet connection for everything. Normally you would need multiple devices to tackle this, which makes managing the equipment messy and unreliable.

The ideal solution would be fast on-board Internet, which is also easy to monitor and manage. This way you always know what happens when and where, which also helps managing the costs. Mondicon can supply you with this solution, called Cruise Connect.

Fast and reliable Internet with Cruise Connect

Mondicon’s Internet hardware provides you with a reliable Internet connection with the possibility of using more than one Internet source at the same time. This way you don’t have to rely on just one connection for all your Internet traffic, which gives you more reliability, redundancy and flexibility. It’s possible to connect to 4G, shore WiFi or even add a satellite or wired modem into the mix.

Mondicon’s mobile data SIM-cards are based on a preset profile in which you decide in advance to which networks the SIM-cards can connect per country. This allows you to look at local network coverage and network costs in advance, which helps to make a well-informed decision.

Mondicon’s Cruise Connect

We can advise you in the solution that fits with your cruise ship and the demands of your passengers. Below you will find some of the services that our Cruise Connect solutions can provide you.

Pro-active Network Steering
The technology of mobile connectivity on our mobile data SIM-cards is very advanced. For fast and reliable Internet on board of cruise ships a guaranteed availability of high bandwidth is essential. Our SIM-cards are configured in such a way that they proactively search worldwide for mobile networks with the best signal at that moment.

My Mondicon Portal
We enable cruise companies to configure a specific profile on their SIM-cards and manage and monitor their SIM-cards through our portal. Click here to learn more about our My Mondicon Portal.

Country Based Roaming
It is possible to blacklist certain countries. In this case one SIM-card will always stay connected to the mobile network. When this SIM-card connects to a network in a ”black-listed” country it automatically triggers the Mondicon platform to deactivate all other Mondicon SIM-cards (real-time). As soon as this sim connects to a mobile network in a ”white-listed” country, it automatically triggers the Mondicon systems to re-activate all other Mondicon SIM-cards (real-time). This makes it possible to still use domestic SIM-cards alongside the Mondicon SIM-cards.

Automatically activate all SIM-cards during the hours you really need the bandwidth for your customers, refresh 50% of the SIM-cards during hours your guests are not aboard the ship or asleep. The expected data usage reduction will be up to 15% with the same customer experience.

Load balancing
In most cases a single Internet connection is not enough to provide all of your passengers with a good Internet connection. Or maybe you want to enforce certain traffic such as software updates or over shore WiFi because your 4G connection has a data limit.

Mondicon can advise and deliver the hardware that is able to steer or divide Internet traffic over the available Internet connections. You can use one or more 4G connections, shore WiFi in the marina or even a connected satellite or wired modem.

Load balancing algorithms can help you easily fine-tune how traffic is distributed across the Internet connections which gives you flexibility and redundancy. Each deployment has an unique setup and this enterprise grade load balancing software can be configured in many ways so it will always fit your needs.

Bonding SIM-card Connections
It’s possible to stack multiple SIM-card connections by using Bonding VPN. Mondicon can help you to turn a slow Internet connection into a fast and reliable Internet connection thanks to VPN bonding technology. Unlike load balancing, which uses all connections separately, Bonding VPN bundles all chosen Internet connections into one fast Internet connection. Bonding VPN also gives you the highest possible redundancy and reliability, so your passengers on board of the cruise ship can enjoy a fast and stable Internet experience. You will not experience any downtime when one of the connections goes down, because the other bundled Internet connections will take over immediately. This helps you create an even more reliable Internet connection aboard of the ship.

It’s not possible to bundle satellite connections with 4G, WiFi or wired connections because of the high latency that satellite connections have.

Automatic Cancel Location
You could be in a white spot or it might occur that the process of switching networks doesn’t go as smoothly as you desired. With the Automatic Cancel Location function we suspend a single SIM-card in case there is no data being used within the hours or in a certain location where the SIM-card actually should use data. Thanks to this pro-active solution your customer will be more satisfied.

GPS tracking and cloud platform
Managing your devices can be messy and difficult which could cost a lot of time and money. If you want to know everything about your devices at any time, we have a great solution for this demand.

Mondicon can advise and deliver the hardware that can be located and tracked via GPS by using a cloud platform. Besides managing the SIM-cards you can also fully manage and monitor the mobile Internet hardware in this cloud platform, as an add-on to the My Mondicon Portal.
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