My Mondicon
Mondicon gives all customers the possibility to have access to the Mondicon Telecom Portal. The Mondicon Telecom Portal has built in several Management & Control functionalities which means it is ideally suited as a telecom portal for Data Only, M2M and IoT purposes. You’re able to set up Prepaid and Post paid propositions. Usage will be loaded in the Mondicon Telecom Portal as neartime as possible. The dashboard gives you an visual overview of the usage which has been generated, and gives the ability to create specific reports based on individual wishes. Sim Card Control options gives you several possibilities to manage the usage your sim cards. With schedules you are able to enter timeslots per day in which the sims are allowed to generate usage. It is also possible to set daily and monthly limits which will de-activate the sim card when the allowed usage has been reached. You will also receive a notification when the limit is almost reached, so you can act pro-active.
Sim Card control options

Dashboard overview