How to get a temporary Internet service without a long term contract.

AALSMEER, 28 august 2017
In some cases you’re in need of a fast and stable Internet connection outside of your house or office, whether it’s for personal or business use. You can’t rely on the 3G/4G Internet of your smartphone with which you normally create a hotspot in case you want to create a wireless office. Not only because there isn’t enough data or it’s too expensive to use for the desired period of time, but especially because the Internet hotspot you create with your mobile phone isn’t stable enough for the devices you want to use it for. How are you going to make sure you are able to access the Internet as soon as possible and whenever you want, but without a long term contract?

The ideal solution would be to have a device that’s able to make a secure connection and bundles multiple Internet connections into one. Because multiple connections will provide you with enough bandwidth and an extra stable connection, wherever you are.

Mondicon mobile Internet router
Mondicon’s mobile Internet routers give you the possibility to use more than one 3G/4G connections at the same time. There are different models available, some models support 2 or even 4 active SIM-cards at the same time. This way you can realize enough bandwidth for every application, without having to rely on just one provider, because which providers you use is entirely up to you.
Mondicon SIM-cards
Mondicon SIM-cards allow you to connect to a strong Internet connection, wherever you are and whenever you want. These SIM-cards don’t rely on just one connection but gives you access to multiple ones. You decide beforehand which networks you wish to use per country. This way you can be assured of the high quality connection you’ll need for the desired period of time and location.

Temporary Internet Service
But what in case you want a temporary Internet connection? With these Mondicon SIM-cards you can access your data whenever you want at the locations you decided on beforehand. This means you don’t need a different SIM-card for each country you want to visit, and you especially don’t need to have separate contracts per SIM-card.
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