How to realize a reliable and affordable Internet solution while far away from the coastline

AALSMEER, 27th november 2017
In our current society we are using the Internet for almost everything: getting everyday information, communicating with each other, paying our bills, entertaining ourselves, but also for work purposes. We assume we can connect to the Internet wherever we go, whether it’s at the office, in our favourite coffee shop or even while on the road. But there are also places where it can be quite a challenge to realize a connection to the Internet. For example on the water, distanced from the coastline. How can you still realize a strong, reliable but also affordable Internet connection there?
The best alternative for satellite Internet on the water
Of course the possibility to get an Internet connection while being away from the mainland has been available for many years via a satellite connection. Unfortunately this can be very expensive because of the challenges we face while connecting to a satellite in outer space. Also, satellite Internet can be very slow and have high latency due to weather conditions and the distance between you and the satellite. When you take this in consideration, you’ll see satellite Internet may not always be the best option when looking for an Internet solution at sea.

The newest alternative for reliable and also affordable Internet while at sea is using a Multi WAN modem. Mondicon provides a solution where you have the possibility of using more than one Internet source at the same time. This means you are not dependent on one connection, which gives you more reliability, flexibility and redundancy. It also helps you to save on your satellite data usage, resulting in major costs savings. Our solution consists of an outdoor mobile Internet router that is water- and dustproof so it can handle all kinds of weather conditions you’ll face on sea. We equip the router with SIM-cards that real-time, proactively connect to the best available network. This means you’re always ensured of the strongest Internet signal.
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