Staying connected: why WiFi in public transportation is the future

AALSMEER, 6 October 2017
In our digital world many people expect to always be able to be connected to all the information they need. In order to be able to access information an Internet connection is necessary. And because the desire to be connected never stops – for example on the road - a wireless Internet connection is the solution.

Being connected is becoming more and more important, and many companies are using it to attract new customers. You probably have seen or even used it: free WiFi in coffee café’s, airports and maybe even at your hairdresser. Especially tourists or people on the road are interested in the use of WiFi because their own provider probably charges them extra for international usage. Because the desire to be connected doesn’t stop, they are looking for ways to be connected to the Internet at all times. This is where WiFi in public transportation becomes the solution while traveling.
WiFi in public transportation
In the past couple of years there have been some public transport companies who gave their customers access to the Internet, whether its paid or for free. But the problem with most of these WiFi networks was that it was not tailored for usage on the road by a large amount of devices. This led to a very slow Internet connection that wasn’t stable enough for proper usage.

From now on the WiFi connection in public transportation can be as strong and stable as if you are at home. Mondicon has created transport connectivity solutions for busses, trains and ships. With our mobile Internet routers we can provide fast Internet for as many users as needed. Our transport connectivity solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. This way you can assure your customers that there is flawless Internet aboard during the rides you provide.

Beneficial for users and public transportation providers
Very little public transportation providers manage to offer a stable and strong Internet connection. Because we live in this digital world many people will choose a bus with proper WiFi over a bus without this extra service. We think that within a few years almost every bus and train will offer WiFi aboard. Be ahead of your competitors!

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