Why a normal mobile Internet router wouldn’t last on an industrial worksite

AALSMEER, 1 november 2017
Nowadays we use the Internet in many business branches. This means we need a strong Internet connection in some unexpected places. For example it’s often used on oil platforms, cargo ships and on industrial sites. On these sites they use Internet for reporting back to the main office, sharing blueprints and more. Unfortunately you can’t simply put a simple mobile Internet router on an industrial worksite and expect a reliable and strong Internet connection.
Interference issues on a worksite
There are a couple of factors that can easily interfere with a mobile Internet signal. Some of these interfering factors can be found on an industrial worksite. The average mobile Internet router has a simple built-in antenna with a limited signal reception. The signal of a mobile Internet router can be easily blocked by machinery, metals and signals from satellite telephones. In addition to our industrial mobile Internet router, we offer a 4G MIMO omni antenna, which enables you to receive a better and faster mobile Internet signal. An average antenna can’t handle the circumstances of an industrial site. This is why our antenna is water- and dustproof. Also, this antenna comes with many types of mounting equipment so you can easily put the router on a spot with the best reception.

In case of an Internet outage
On an industrial worksite it is utmost important that all equipment is working. When you need an Internet connection to do your job, it is crucial that the Internet solution maintains a stable and strong signal. When an Internet outage occurs, it could be possible that the entire team can’t continue their work. We know the importance of continuity on a worksite. That is why our industrial connectivity solutions have a failover solution. This means that there can be a second SIM-card in the router. It will activate when the first SIM-card loses its connection or when you’ve hit your monthly data limit on the primary SIM-card. This failover functionality will make your Internet solution even more reliable.

Industrial connectivity solutions
We created our industrial connectivity solutions to create a stable and reliable Internet connection on worksites with difficult circumstances. The Internet will become even more important in the business world and we would like to make sure that it can be used in situations you would not think it’s impossible.
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