Why mobile connectivity is key for public safety

AALSMEER, 6th March 2018
Have you ever thought about the importance of connectivity during threatening situations and the effects when there is no reliable connectivity? The most obvious effects would be that an ambulance could end up at a wrong location or a police car could arrive too late at a crime scene. Nowadays public safety instances, such as the police, often use technology to make sure they receive critical information as quick as possible, so they won’t miss any sign of potential danger or distress. In these situations they use devices such as dash- and body cams which enable them to record HD-videos. Recording so many hours of video, means a great amount of data will be collected. All this data needs to be processed in some way. But how can that be done in a quick and reliable way?

This video material needs to be transferred back to an office. The quickest way to transfer the data is via an Internet connection to a server that connects with the office. This way the public safety officers don’t need to spend valuable time on transferring video material manually. The hours of video will be safely stored at the office and can be used for further investigation later on. But in order to transfer these big amounts of data a strong and reliable Internet connection is needed while being on the road. Since many cars of safety officers should be equipped with such a mobile data solutions, it is important to keep an eye on the costs. So a satellite connection is out of the question. What is the best fit for this branch?
Our public safety connectivity solutions
Mondicon uses very advanced mobile data SIM-cards. These SIM-cards deliver fast and reliable Internet while being on the road or in places where creating a wired Internet connection isn’t an option. Our connectivity solutions are therefore perfectly suitable for public safety instances. We can advise you in the solution that fits your needs and demands.

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