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Fast Internet and smart security cameras on board of your yacht with SmartYacht.

AALSMEER, 29 juni 2017 - Today Mondicon launched a new solution for yacht owners, read more about this solution below:

Nowadays it is almost impossible not being able to enjoy a fast Internet connection. Netflix, Spotify, Skype, Facebook, YouTube or the more traditional browsing and emailing activities are fully integrated into our everyday lives. Undoubtedly you value having full access to these services whenever and wherever you go, even on board of your yacht!

Stream like you’re at home

With SmartYacht you would almost forget that you are actually hitting the waves and not browsing on the Internet from your couch at home. ‘Stream like you’re at home’ has taken a whole new meaning with the SmartYacht solution. SmartYacht has been designed and manufactured by Mondicon. Mondicon is a mobile connectivity provider with a strong focus on maritime and is market leader in providing Internet connectivity solutions in the European river cruise industry.

Fast Internet on your yacht

The SmartYacht solution consists of a professional router that combines several European 4G+ SIM-cards. These SIM-cards will continually look for the strongest available mobile network providers so you are guaranteed with the highest possible Internet speed. The router will be installed with professional external antennas on the roof of your yacht. These antennas provide you with the best coverage and connection, even when you are sailing miles offshore!

Security camera system

SmartYacht also provides you with an intelligent security camera solution. You will immediately get a notification on your smartphone when movement inside or around your yacht has been detected by one of the two cameras. The cameras will also be active when your yacht stays moored in the harbour for several months a year. We will make this possible by connecting the router directly to the shore power supply of your yacht. So, from now on you can safely leave your yacht behind while you are enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere else in the world.